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A Night In with Vanessa O'Brien and Peter Hillary

A Night In with Vanessa O'Brien and Peter Hillary

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British-American explorer Vanessa O’Brien achieved her last Guinness World record in 2020 by becoming the first woman to reach Earth’s highest (Mt. Everest) and lowest (Challenger Deep) points. In her memoir To the Greatest Heights, Vanessa describes her quest for Everest, the Seven Summits and finally, K2. According to a review in Kirkus, Vanessa puts “her hard-won life wisdom into every aspect of the book—and her prose is commendably free of clichés and full of wit. O’Brien’s warm, witty voice will bring a wide audience to her world-class adventures.”

Peter Hillary is the son of Sir Edmund Hillary and the Chairman of The Himalayan Trust, a humanitarian non-profit that provides education and healthcare to reduce poverty in Nepalese communities. He is an accomplished mountaineer, having summitted Mt. Everest twice and becoming the first second generation climber of the world’s highest peak, skied across Antarctica to the South Pole, flown to the North Pole with astronaut Neil Armstrong, and summited the highest peak on every continent (the Seven Summits). Peter also attempted K2 in 1995, the year Alison Hargreaves died, but turned around at 8200 metres, suspicious of the weather. He is an accomplished writer and speaker, and most recently a designer of a premium-heritage clothing brand.

Peter Hillary will join Vanessa O'Brien for this exclusive event, where they will discuss To The Greatest Heights, the state of mountaineering and how mountaineers can help local communities like Nepal and Pakistan.

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