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We work with independent bookshops on every tour that we produce, and a big part of Fane’s work is collaborating with independent bookshops across the country in the work that we do. Here are some frequently asked questions we get from bookshops who want to work with us. 

How do I get in touch to sell at FANE events? 

Please email [email protected] to get in touch. We work 3 months ahead of the events themselves. 

Do you take commission? 

We will never take commission from the booksellers who sell books at our shows. When a bookshop sells at our events, there may be commission owed to the venue. In this case we always ask for 10% commission as standard from each venue. 

How do you decide who works on the Fane events?

Most of the time, the bookshops we work with are steered by the publisher that we are working with on the project. We reach out to independent bookshops to sell at the tours we work on. When working with independent bookshops, we respect the territories that bookshops work in.

Who have you worked with?

Here’s a list of all the independent bookshops we worked with in 2022:

Booka Bookshop



Chepstow Books

Chorleywood Bookshop

City Books

Dubray Books

E. J. Mortens Booksellers

Hungerford Bookshop

Forum Books

Fox Lane Books

Gutter Bookshop


Mr B’s

New Beacon Books

Primrose Hill Books 

Round Table Books

Sevenoaks Bookshop

Truman Books