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Accountability Charter


As a company whose work is largely centred around conversations, we have the opportunity and responsibility to cultivate and uphold important discussions. We are committed to using our unique role within arts and entertainment to provide platforms for marginalised voices and to better reflect the diversity and experience of our community and audience. In addition, it is our ambition to nurture a climate positive workforce through environmental sustainability initiatives.

We have held a series of discussions at both senior and junior level to reflect on how we can make continuous progress and demonstrate accountability. In doing so, we have set up two committees – Green and Social Action – which are employee led.

We have identified three core pillars of our business that we consistently review, explore, and grow: audience development, creative partnerships, and internal practices

We pledge to be a driver of positive change both within our company and our industry, now and always. Our commitments for 2021/22 are outlined below; we will report on our progress and update on next steps in September 2022. 

Our Commitments

1. Audience Development

We believe our cultural, engaging, and thought-provoking experiences should be accessible to all. 80% of our live events have historically taken place in venues outside of London and a large proportion of our online audiences haven’t previously attended literary events. However, there are constant improvements we can make to our live programming, marketing, and event production, in partnership with venues, to engage with a more diverse audience.

Over the next year, we commit to: 

25% of our programming  featuring ethnically diverse talent.

Ensuring our online events are captioned and that our live events are BSL signed language interpreted whenever requested.

A quarterly free online event, with a charitable partner, to reach as wide an audience as possible globally.

Partnering with a social outreach organisation to provide free access to our events.

Establishing meaningful partnerships with a minimum of three regional venues with whom we can collaborate on outreach programmes into the community.

2. Creative Partnerships

At Fane, we actively seek out collaborations with creative partners who align with our commitments. This includes venues, publishers, community groups, charities, and outreach organisations. We particularly want to engage with those that help to amplify the voices, stories, and experiences of all marginalised groups and will proactively and sensitively seek out more diverse stories for our programme.

Over the next year, we commit to: 

Developing long-term, sustainable partnerships with publishers such as Dialogue Books, with whom our monthly book lounge gives a platform to each of their publications.

Working with charitable organisations to raise awareness and funds for their causes through a mixture of events and company initiatives. In the past year we have raised over £136,000 for organisations including the Black Cultural Archives, Blood Cancer UK and The Prince’s Trust. Our next charitable initiative will support refugees via the British Red Cross, as we as a team set ourselves the target of running or cycling the equivalent of the journey from Kabul to London.

3. Internal Practices

We strive to create a working environment that promotes and values diversity, environmental sustainability, inclusivity, and social responsibility. We want everyone to feel empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work in a creative and safe space. We are also committed to minimising our environmental impact as a business. In spring 2021, we partnered with Ecologi to offset the carbon footprint of our staff and office through the planting of trees on a monthly basis. To date, 561 trees have been planted, leading to 39.75T of carbon reduction.

Over the next year, we commit to: 

Engaging with external consultants a minimum of twice a year to provide staff with workshops and resources related to diversity, inclusion and environmental sustainability.

Prioritising working with recruitment consultants and agencies that are actively committed to diversity, such as Creative Access.

Making our recruitment and hiring practices transparent on our vacancies page.

Offering work experience placements through the 2022 Hachette UK Publishing Traineeship programme.

Supporting and providing resources to our Green and Social Action Committees to allow them to follow through on their action points.

Carrying out our business in an environmentally focussed manner, such as developing eco-friendly ways of delivering and packing books, recycling, and modes of transport.


Published September 2021