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In Conversation with Mo Gawdat

In Conversation with Mo Gawdat

To mark the publication of Scary Smart

Over the last 75 years, advancements in AI and technology have grown at an exponential rate. Join international bestselling author of Solve For Happy and former Chief Business Officer at Google [X], Mo Gawdat, to celebrate the publication of his new book on this very subject, Scary Smart.

In conversation, Gawdat, who helped write some of the code used in artificial intelligence today, explores how we must accept what he calls ‘The Three Inevitables’ - that AI will happen, that AI will be smarter than humans and that bad things will happen as a result - in order to create the better, kinder world we need to save ourselves.

He'll explain how important the value systems that we instill upon AI and machine intelligence are -just as an infant child learns through teaching and observation, AI gathers its value systems through our interactions with it and by observing us. Gawdat will highlight that it is humanity's own arrogance, greed, violence and division that has helped to create this dystopian future of AI and argue that it is in our power to make real change and avoid the erasure of our way of life.

Through real examples from science and engineering, this event promises to help us understand how we can better educate machine intelligence through our own actions, so that it will work with us - and not against us - in the future.

Mo Gawdat is my life guru. His writing, his ideas and his generosity in sharing them has changed my life for the better in so many ways. Everything he writes is an enlightening education in how to be human. - Elizabeth Day