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A Night In with Lisa Ko

A Night In with Lisa Ko

Join award-winning author of The Leavers, Lisa Ko for a special virtual event in celebration of the publication of her newest book, Memory Piece. 

In the early 1980s, Giselle Chin, Jackie Ong, and Ellen Ng are three teenagers drawn together by their shared sense of alienation and desire for something different. They envision each other as artistic collaborators and embark on a future defined by freedom and creativity. 

By the time they are adults, their dreams are murkier. As a performance artist, Giselle must navigate an elite social world she never conceived of. As a coder thrilled by the internet's early egalitarian promise, Jackie must contend with its more sinister shift toward monetization and surveillance. And as a community activist, Ellen confronts the increasing gentrification and policing overwhelming her New York City neighbourhood. Over time their friendship matures and changes, their definitions of success become complicated, and their sense of what matters evolves. 

In conversation for this digital event, Lisa will uncover the process of building a tale that moves from the pre-digital 1980s to the art and tech subcultures of the 1990s, to a strikingly imagined portrait of the 2040s.  

Sign up now to delve into the innovative and audacious story of three lifelong friends as they strive to build satisfying lives in a world that turns out to be radically different from the one they were promised. 

“Remarkable…Vividly captures the urgency of youth, and becomes a heart-breaking elegy for a communal, almost utopian approach to urban life.” Rumaan Alam, author of Leave The World Behind 

“Evocative and Luminous, Ko once again introduces us to people we want to know deeply, then as always, delivers that and beyond. A Glorious writer.” Jacqueline Woodson 

The ‘stream and book’ package includes a unique ticket for the stream, and a copy of Memory Piece (RRP £18.99) deliverable to any UK or international address. Books being delivered to UK addresses for this event will be distributed by Sevenoaks Bookshop. 

The event will initially be broadcast on 23 April at 6.30pm UK time. It will be available to view up to two weeks after the event has ended and can be accessed Worldwide. If you live in a time zone that does not suit the initial broadcast time you can watch it at any point after the initial showing for two weeks 

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] 

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