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Kevin McCloud’s Home Truths

Kevin McCloud’s Home Truths

Get ready for a historic moment as we bring you Kevin McCloud's very first live shows in the UK.

Renowned host of Grand Designs, Kevin is stepping out of the screen and onto the stage for an extraordinary evening where design meets curiosity, and your questions shape the journey.

Kevin will share tales from his illustrious TV career as he delves into the universe of Grand Designs, revealing behind-the-scenes stories and clips. With his charismatic charm and vast knowledge, he will take you on a mesmerising journey through some of his most iconic TV projects, unveiling the secrets, the triumphs, and the disasters. Along the way, he will explore the concept of consuming and enjoying good design while being environmentally conscious. Stand by for Kevin’s 'Just Enough' theory.

But that's not all! This show is about you and your design questions and knowledge! Come armed with your burning questions and design dilemmas because Kevin will be taking your queries, offering advice and insight to make your own design aspirations a reality.

Don't miss this unforgettable evening with Kevin, or as he puts it on his Twitter (now X) bio – design nut and medium-to-big-sized architecture cheese. Lactose-free. A veritable architectural feast!

Barbican Centre, London

New Theatre, Oxford

Liverpool Philharmonic