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It's All Greek
With Dame Sian Phillips and Alex Jennings

It's All Greek

A woman longing for her lover; a wronged wife plotting her revenge; a squaddie traumatised by war. Love, laughter, tears, and treachery. And a touch of murder. Whatever life brings us, the ancient Greeks have the right words for it.  

Dame Sian Phillips and Alex Jennings breathe majestic life into Zeus, Hera, Oedipus, and Medea, among others, in David Stuttard’s sparkling translations. As they navigate through youthful high jinks, adult chaos, and the preoccupations of old age, their wit and wisdom are a road map for our modern age. 

Directed by Stuttard, this Olivier Award-winning duo give voice to stories, scenes, and poems from ancient Greece, works that feel so modern they might have been written yesterday, which – profound or poignant, fast moving, funny, or at times downright preposterous – help make sense of our lives today. 

The performance will be followed by an audience Q&A with the performers and the director. 

The Lowry, Salford (Quays Theatre)