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Harriet Walter & Friends
Shakespeare's Women Speak!

Harriet Walter & Friends

Renowned for her extraordinary portrayals in Succession, Killing Eve and Ted Lasso, Dame Harriet Walter is also one of Britain's most esteemed Shakespearean actors. Now, having had the experience of playing so many of Shakespeare's roles, she re-imagines what some of his women might have been secretly thinking and lets them speak their minds. 

Live on stage with special guests, Harriet will perform pieces from her new book, She Speaks!  

With new speeches for thirty Shakespearean women, written in verse, sonnets and prose, her book goes between the lines of the plays as Gertrude lets Hamlet have the unvarnished truth; Lady MacBeth reveals how she would have been a savvy King; Kate, the Shrew does an about turn; Ophelia surprises us; Olivia surprises herself and the witches have a good old rap.    

Says Harriet Walter: “I worship Shakespeare and feel very irreverent, shamelessly piggy- backing on his giant shoulders. His psychological insight is second to none…but the mirror that he held up to Nature reflected a predominantly male image of the world. I pondered the long shadow of his genius and tried to think of ways to let a little sunlight in on some of his women’s stories. I like to think he wouldn’t mind.” 

Enjoy Shakespeare’s women as they demand centre stage and take the opportunity to ask the legendary Dame Harriet and her friends your own questions. 

Nottingham Playhouse

Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

Richmond Theatre, London