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An Evening with the Cast of 'Ghosts'

An Evening with the Cast of 'Ghosts'

Step into the world of Button House to celebrate the upcoming release of Ghosts: The Button House Archives, the warm-spirited and deliriously daft companion book to the award-winning and hugely popular BBC1 series Ghosts. Spend an evening with show creators Mathew BayntonJim Howick, Laurence Rickard and Martha Howe-Douglas live on stage as the show gears up for its fifth and final season this autumn.

Within this volume lies a treasure trove of unearthed cuttings, original records and rare artefacts that explore the unseen lives of those who died at Button House: from Thomas's love letters to Pat's ‘Summer Camp Rap’, and from Julian's campaign promises to Lady Button's Rules of Etiquette. There are even documents dictated to the one person who can see and hear the ghosts: Alison Cooper.

Hosted by the incredible Bridget Christie, don’t miss the chance to experience the magic firsthand as the show’s creators unveil behind-the-scenes stories, giving you an all new insight into the world of Ghosts. Bring your family along for an evening of laughter, nostalgia, and the chance to discover more about the beloved ghosts of Button House.

This event is now available to stream on demand until 12 November 2023.