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Geoff Norcott In Conversation with Romesh Ranganathan

Geoff Norcott In Conversation with Romesh Ranganathan

To mark the publication of Where Did I Go Right?: How The Left Lost Me

The ‘stream and book’ package includes a unique ticket for the stream, and a copy of Where Did I Go Right?: How The Left Lost Me, worth £14.99, deliverable to any UK or International address. The 'Stream' package consists of a ticket to the live stream only. 

For one night only the event will initially be broadcast on 11 May at 18:30 UK time. It will be available to view up to a week after the event has ended and can be accessed Worldwide. If you live in a time zone that does not suit the initial broadcast time you can watch it at any point after the initial showing for one week.

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Comedian and writer Geoff Norcott should have been Labour through and through. His Dad was a Union man, both of his parents were disabled, and he even lived on the same South London council estate where they filmed chase scenes for the Bill! So, how was it that he grew up to vote Tory?

Join him in conversation with Romesh Ranganathan as he considers why the working classes have deserted the Left and attempts to understand why he ended up voting for the ‘bad guys’. Geoff will detail his colourful childhood in South London and vibrant family: his mother, a council estate matriarch crossed with Tony Soprano, ever willing to offer frank sexual advice or make life hell for the housing office, and his maverick one-armed dad with blunt homespun philosophies on everything from punctuality to women and a dream to drive all the way around the M25.

Geoff will also explore the big myth about the British working-class that they’re born left-wing and generally stay that way when actually the working-class intention to vote Tory has frequently flirted with the 50% mark and Labour haven’t won the popular vote in England since 2001.

Warm, honest and laugh out loud funny, this event is the perfect place to start if you want to understand why in Britain, blue-collar Conservatism might be here to stay.

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