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In Conversation with Service95 Founder Dua Lipa

In Conversation with Service95 Founder Dua Lipa

Join singer-songwriter and Service95 founder Dua Lipa for a one-off digital event where she will be exclusively discussing the inside story of her editorial platform and podcast series

Service95 is the cultural concierge and destination of discovery for the eternally curious. Be it style or social justice, the brand uses its editorial platform and podcast to share stories and experiences through a global lens. 2023 marks its first anniversary. As a way to celebrate this milestone, Dua Lipa, the singer-songwriter and founder of Service95, will be exclusively discussing the inside story of how she built the brand.

She will share the initial inspiration behind Service95, what galvanised her foray into entrepreneurship (and specifically the media), the typical planning process for the newsletter and podcast series, the keys to building an authentic brand, what it means to be a leader – the challenges as well as the responsibilities – lessons she has learned so far, the realities of running a start-up and simultaneously juggling her work as a musician, plus her aims and dreams for Service95, and what the world can expect from the brand in the years to come.

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This event is now available to view on demand until the 20th April 2023.

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