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Dear Dolly- LIVE at The London Coliseum

Dear Dolly- LIVE at The London Coliseum

Spend a heart-warming and hilarious evening in the company of the beloved Dolly Alderton, award-winning and bestselling author of Everything I Know About Love and Ghosts, screenwriter, journalist, podcaster, and everyone’s dream dinner party guest. 

Since early 2020, Dolly has been sharing her wisdom, warmth and wit with the countless people who have written to her Dear Dolly agony aunt column in The Sunday Times Style. Their questions range from the painfully - and sometimes hilariously - relatable to the occasionally bizarre.  

Now, in this unique live event Dolly brings her hugely popular column to life, as she takes us through some of the most memorable, complicated, and thought-provoking letters she has received – including breakups and body issues, families, friendships, dating, divorce, the pleasures and pitfalls of social media, sex, loneliness, longing, love and everything in between. In conversation with a special guest host, Dolly will consider these conundrums, her compassionate and funny replies, and the importance of asking for help. 

With the opportunity to pose your own dilemmas to Dolly, which she will answer without judgement, and with deep empathy informed by her own, much chronicled adventures in love, friendship and dating, this event promises to prove that a problem shared is a problem halved. 

Dolly will be interviewed by the inimitable Katherine Ryan on 27 March.

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