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An Evening with Craig Foster
My Octopus Teacher

An Evening with Craig Foster

Join the Academy Award-winning filmmaker behind the hit Netflix documentary, My Octopus Teacher, for an awe-inspiring meditation on the power of nature and our place within it. 

We humans are by nature wild animals attempting to exist in a docile world. So how can we reclaim our wildness in a world that wants us to stay so tamed? 

A decade ago, living in a city and feeling exhausted and empty, Craig Foster decided to return to his birthplace—the Cape of Good Hope—and dive into the great African sea forest each day. His daily oceanic adventures not only helped him “rewild” but helped him come to see his own “amphibious soul” as a powerful metaphor for the human condition.  

In this exclusive live event accompanied by incredible photography and never-before-seen footage of animal life, Craig will share his extraordinary adventures in the natural world, challenge us to consider our relationship to nature, and inspire us to tap into our empathy and deepen our love for all living things. 

Presented in partnership with How To Academy. 

Emmanuel Centre, London