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A Night In With Claudia Roden

A Night In With Claudia Roden

In conversation with Bee Wilson, culinary pioneer Claudia Roden is marking over fifty years of food writing with her brand-new stunning cookbook, Med: her love letter to the Mediterranean and its diverse, vibrant food.

This event is now availble to watch on demand until 9th September. 

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Widely credited with revolutionising Western attitudes to Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food, in this virtual event Claudia will share her memories of travels around the Mediterranean, and will celebrate the many and varied flavours of the Med. Capturing the special charm and spirit of the region: ‘The smell of garlic sizzling with crushed coriander takes me back to the Egypt of my childhood. The aroma of saffron and orange zest mingled with aniseed and garlic triggers memories of the French Riviera.’

Claudia will discuss the recipes in Med, her focus on simplicity and flavour which allow the ingredients of the region to shine, and on the fuss-free approach to cooking for family and friends that she is drawn to nowadays.

Don’t miss the opportunity to spend an evening with one of the world’s most influential food writers, as she celebrates and shares the flavours she has been so instrumental in bringing to the UK.

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