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A Night In with Buki Papillon

A Night In with Buki Papillon

Dialogue Book Lounge and Fane Online present A Night In with Buki Papillon, to mark the publication of An Ordinary Wonder. This event is now available to watch on demand until 3rd April. 

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My name is Otolorin. I've been called monster. Within dark valleys of flesh I defy the given - a snake curled in upon itself, two-in-one, mythical and shunned. Yet, in that magic place between worlds, in the realm where the great mother gives milk to her offspring, I become like a goddess.

Join Buki Papillon to celebrate the publication of her spellbinding debut novel, An Ordinary Wonder: a powerful coming of age story of an intersex twin, Oto, who is forced to live as a boy despite their heartfelt belief that they are a girl.

Oto's wealthy and powerful family is ashamed of their identity and treats Oto cruelly to ensure silence. The love from Oto's twin sister wavers in a world of secrets and lies that seems determined to tear them apart, and Oto must make drastic choices that will alter the whole family's lives for ever.

In conversation for this exclusive event, Buki explores the challenges of family, identity, gender and culture. She’ll share how African mythology, art and folk tales inspired her writing, consider what true freedom really looks like, and why this story is important now more than ever.

This promises to be a thought-provoking and inspiring event, prompting reflection on the courage needed to be yourself.

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