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Bernie Sanders: It’s OK To Be Angry About Capitalism

Bernie Sanders: It’s OK To Be Angry About Capitalism

Please note that the Liverpool event due to take place on 12 February has been rescheduled to 20 February. All existing tickets will be automatically transferred to the new date. The London Barbican show due to take place on 13 February has been cancelled and customers refunded. Booking is open for a new London show at the Royal Geographical Society on 22 February.

Join the one and only Bernie Sanders as he discusses why it’s OK to be angry about capitalism, and why it’s even better to want to do something about it.

How can we accept an economic order that allows three billionaires to control more wealth than the bottom half of our society? How can we accept a political system that allows the super-rich to buy elections and politicians? How can we accept an energy system that rewards the fossil fuel corporations causing the climate crisis?

Live on stage, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders will present his vision of what would be possible if the political revolution took place, and offer us hope for an alternative path forward. Join him as he demands fundamental economic and political change.

As the longest serving independent member of Congress in American history, Bernie will challenge the status quo and question democracy. With unflinching honesty, he will shine a light on a system that seems stacked against ordinary people while amplifying the influence of the wealthiest 1%.

Don’t miss out on this galvanising and powerful evening with one of the foremost political figures of our generation.

'An attack on the status quo from every conceivable direction ... galvanising and uplifting ... Precisely because Sanders is such a straight forward thinker and writer, he insists on some facts that the political establishment-on both sides-wilfully ignores.' - The Guardian

'I can't wait until everybody reads this book... it's like holding a little piece of hope in your hands.' - Emma Dabiri