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Aja Barber In conversation with Gina Martin

Aja Barber In conversation with Gina Martin

To mark the publication of Consumed

The ‘stream and book’ package includes a unique ticket for the stream, and a copy of Consumed worth £15, deliverable to any UK or international address. 

The event will initially be broadcast on 22 September at 6.30pm UK time. It will be available to view up to a week after the event has ended and can be accessed Worldwide. If you live in a time zone that does not suit the initial broadcast time you can watch it at any point after the initial showing for one week.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Aja Barber wants change.

The writer, stylist and fashion consultant is asking us to change our consumer identity in order to be a part of a more equitable and sustainable future. Join her to celebrate the publication of her vital new book Consumed: on colonialism, climate change, consumerism & the need for collective change, as she explores the exploitation and injustice of the fashion industry and the cynical manipulation of consumer culture.

In conversation with activist and author Gina Martin, Aja will teach us how to be a citizen, not a consumer. Exploring the endemic injustices in our consumer industries and the uncomfortable history of the textile industry, Aja will expose how these oppressive systems have bled into the fashion industry and its lack of diversity and equality. She will also reveal how we spend our money and whose pockets it goes into and whose it doesn't (clue: the people who do the actual work) and will tell her story of how she came to learn the truth.

But Aja will also empower us to challenge this power disparity, making us question why we consume the way we do, helping us to understand why we fill the void with consumption rather than compassion, and giving us the tools to take back ownership.

Thought-provoking and eye-opening, this event is a clarion call for fundamental change in how we live our lives.

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