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Jess Hughes


What do you bring to the team?  

An untraditional and diverse professional background. From my first job as a bookseller, through to being a DJ and club night promoter and starting business’ from scratch – all have prepared me well for the unpredictable, exciting, and varied life of working at Fane.  

Sum up what you do in one sentence  

As a Director, I work across the full breadth of the business, including strategy, process, development and building venue relationships. Primarily though, I head up Fane’s Live department.  

Describe your favourite Fane moment?  

As a founding team member of Fane this is incredibly difficult – our first Palladium gig with Grayson Perry was a pivotal moment, that feeling will stay with me forever. But still, that sits as a close second to watching The Receipts Podcast girls walk out on stage at EartH for their sold-out debut show, to a unifying roar of appreciative fans. There’s nothing more magic than that connection between talent and their audience in the room. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?  

My colleagues, friends and family are tastemakers on tap, constant sources of wildly varying cultural insights. Beyond them though, there is nothing more inspiring than a communal experience, be it a dancefloor, a packed theatre, or spellbound cinema audience. 

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