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A Night In with Tom Pemberton

A Night In with Tom Pemberton

To mark the publication of Make Hay While the Sun Shines

This event is now available to stream until 17th May, 2022. 

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Full-time dairy and meat farmer, YouTuber, and BBC TV presenter, Tom Pemberton is opening up the gates to his family farm for this unique virtual event, as he shares a wryly funny and warm-hearted look at agricultural life.

In conversation, Tom will share amusing anecdotes from life on the farm, and explore how the Pemberton family have farmed at Birks Farm in the picturesque town of Lytham on Lancashire's Fylde Coast for six generations, working at the heart of the area since the 1830s and supplying dairy produce to the local community ever since. From calving cows to maintaining machinery, from mucking out to planning and building a brand-new cow shed, Tom will give us a unique insight into everyday life on a busy dairy farm with all its highs, lows, and hard graft.

He’ll also reminisce about how he became an overnight online sensation after uploading a one-minute video to YouTube about how to use the farm shop's new raw milk vending machine. He thought a handful of people would watch it. It turns out many more did.

Full of heart, amusing anecdotes and unforgettable characters like Tom's dad, Andy - aka the Ginger Warrior - this is Tom's story of determination, adventure and how to keep a smile on your face even when you’re knee-deep in cow poo.

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