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Nova Reid in Conversation with Layla F. Saad

Nova Reid in Conversation with Layla F. Saad

To mark the publication of The Good Ally

In partnership with Afrori Books, the ‘stream and book’ package includes a unique ticket for the stream, and a copy of The Good Ally, deliverable to any UK  address. The 'stream and book bundle' package includes a copy of The Good Ally and Me and White Supremacy, deliverable to any UK address. 

This event is now available to watch on demand until 12th November 2021.

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Join one of the UK’s leading anti-racism activists Nova Reid and Sunday Times bestselling author of Me and White Supremacy Layla F. Saad as they ask: how do we truly become actively anti-racist?

Whilst many anti-racism tools have focussed on the American viewpoint, Nova’s new book The Good Ally has a resolutely British lens and as a result, speaks directly to the nuances of British racism and how structural racism has been enforced through our own unique history.

In conversation for this virtual event, Nova and Layla will help us to drill down into our internal world, so we can truly understand racism and its birthplace, anti-Blackness, and see how white supremacy operates in our personal and professional lives, as well systemically in the UK. Using history, personal anecdotes, examining relationships between Black women and white women, current affairs and their own experiences as an anti-racism educators, Nova and Layla will lay out a path for changing the narrative. Centring on individual and collective healing, they will offer space for reflection, candour, self-revelation and transformation.

This event promises to be a powerful discussion for people who want to know: How do I truly become a good ally? 

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