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The Friendship Tour

The Friendship Tour

Four rock stars of British Literature are coming to four great European cities to meet their readers. Only a few weeks after Britain is due to leave the EU, Jojo Moyes, Kate Mosse, Ken Follett and Lee Child will be visiting Milan, Madrid, Berlin and Paris with a message of friendship and union at a time of confusion and estrangement across the continent.

'Our stories are Europe’s stories. Our history is Europe’s history. In these challenging days, it’s up to writers to continue to celebrate what connects us.' – Kate Mosse

'On a personal level I want to confirm I will always consider myself a proud European.' – Lee Child

Sharing the stage, the authors will discuss their work, their influences and their collective desire to remain Europeans, whatever the political climate back in the UK. They will also answer questions from the audience.

An unprecedented event celebrating the unifying power of great storytelling, this is a unique opportunity to meet four British authors whose work continues to inspire and engage readers across borders.

'We all have millions of readers in continental European countries, most of whom read us in their own languages, and we want to tell them how much we cherish them.' – Ken Follett

'Those of us who have always considered ourselves European have watched horrified at the political machinations taking place to separate us.' – Jojo Moyes