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Authors on Stage: Elizabeth Day: How To Fail LIVE

Authors on Stage: Elizabeth Day: How To Fail LIVE

How To Fail is Elizabeth Day’s hugely popular podcast, and bestselling book, for anyone who has ever failed i.e. everyone. It is based on the simple premise that understanding why we fail ultimately makes us stronger. 

Join the award-winning author and journalist, and a very special guest (to be announced), for a brilliantly funny, painfully honest and insightful celebration of the things that haven’t gone quite right. Plus there’s the opportunity to ask Elizabeth your own questions: is ‘success’ a myth? How can we turn crisis into clarity? And does it really matter if you’re rubbish at tennis? 

An uplifting and reassuring evening about learning from our mistakes and not being afraid. Because learning how to fail is actually learning how to succeed better. And everyone needs a bit of that. 

Presented as part of the Authors on Stage season. 

National Theatre, London