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A Night In: Fatima Bhutto

A Night In: Fatima Bhutto

What does it mean to be a citizen? With nationalist politics on the rise around the world, what do we really mean when we speak of extremism? How are these narratives shaped by race and identity? In an age obsessed with “post-truth”, where do the true deceptions lie?  

Fatima will deliver a speech originally written for the Sydney Writer’s Festival but never broadcast, reflecting on Islamophobia, Western Feminism and race.  

Fatima Bhutto is the bestselling author of Songs of Blood and Sword, a memoir about her father’s life and assassination, and the highly praised The Runaways, an unflinching and moving portrait of radicalism, belonging and Muslim identity.  

Don’t miss this important and thought-provoking evening of live conversation. 

This event will be broadcast live from the UK on 2nd November at 5:30am AEDT (6:30pm GMT 1st November). It will be available to view up to 48 hours after the event has ended and can be accessed Worldwide. 

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