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A Live Stream with The Receipts Podcast

A Live Stream with The Receipts Podcast

Fane Online is a curated series of broadcast-quality live-streamed events, giving you the chance to watch exclusive shows with celebrated authors, actors and podcasters, all from the comfort of your own home. Worldwide viewing is available. You do not need to be in the right time zone to watch the live stream, you just need to sign in to watch at the right time. If you have any questions about the live stream please email [email protected] .

Dubbed ‘one of the UK’s most hilarious podcasts’ (Dazed), The Receipts Podcast has become a well-trusted voice in modern conversations, offering refreshing and entertaining perspectives on being a millennial woman in the world today. 

And now, they’re hitting the road, well kinda, with their first-ever drive-in LIVE show live stream, where all the proceeds will be donated to charities dedicated to helping Black lives.  

The Receipts Podcast DRIVE-IN SHOW brings its trademark honesty to a live audience, along with a whole array of new situations, issues and dilemmas. Hashing out everything from dating and love, to race, equality, culture and more, Audrey, Milena and Tolly will explore their own truths with ‘receipts’ in hand. 

Creating an unfiltered, safe space to have a laugh and feel unadulterated joy, Fane presents this exclusive live opportunity for audiences to experience The Receipts podcast: LIVE! Expect frank conversations, tackled headfirst with wit and wisdom, live dilemmas and all the usual banter that comes with your girl Tolly T, Audrey formerly known as Ghana’s Finest and your Mamacita Milena Sanchez. 

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