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Jacaranda Twenty in 2020

Jacaranda Twenty in 2020

The standard ‘ticket’ package consists of access to all Jacaranda Twenty in 2020 events, whilst the 'book voucher and ticket' package gives access to all events and a £20 voucher to redeem at Jacaranda online bookstore. The event will initially be broadcast on 5 December at 14:00 UK time. It will be available to view up to 48 hours after the event has ended and can be accessed Worldwide.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

The online festival will explore the Black experience through the work of the authors. Book lovers will be able to attend sessions including ‘Empowering Black women through Romance Writing’, ‘Between Two Worlds: Exploring Mixed-Race Identity’ and ‘The Poets of #TwentyIn2020’. There will also be conversations with Stella Oni, the author of Deadly Sacrifice, who’ll discuss being a Black female crime writer and Shola von Reinhold  whose book, Lote, investigates the censoring of Black queer voices in the arts and literature.

The event pays homage to the Twentyin2020 initiative, a first of its kind in the UK. Twenty titles by 20 Black Britons were published by Jacaranda Books in just one year. Covering adult fiction, nonfiction and poetry, the series aims to normalise the presence of diverse literature and to embed the voices of emerging Black authors as valued members of British culture and society.

A portion of the profits from this event will be donated to the event’s charity of choice, Black Cultural Archives (BCA). BCA is the UK’s only heritage centre dedicated to collecting, preserving and celebrating the histories of African and Caribbean people in Britain.

The Poets of #TwentyIn2020 

Tolu Agbelusi, Sarah Lipton-Sidibeh, Brenda Garrick, Hibaq Osman and Adioa Wiredu present and discuss their work. 

The Importance of Place  

Kabir Kareem Bello (Nigeria), Abidemi Sanusi (Nigeria), Berni Sorga-Milwood (Soloman Islands) and DD Armstrong (London) discuss the importance of location in their #Twentyin2020 novels. 

Between Two Worlds: Exploring Mixed-Race Identity

Esuantsiwa jane Goldmith and Katy Massey discuss their vivid memoirs, shining a light on their experiences of navigating class, race and identity. Goldsmith's The Space Between Black and White and Massey's Are We Home Yet? trace their journeys as mixed-race, working-class women, brought up by their white mothers, as well as exploring the North-South divide. 

In Conversation with Stella Oni

Stella Oni (Deadly Sacrifice) in conversation with Sarah from Books and Rhythms, discuss being a Black woman crime writer and creating a Black British lead detective. 

Black History and the Untold Stories

Tony Warner (Black History Walks), Harris Joshua (A Circle of Five) and Niambi McGrath (Through the Leopard's Gaze) explore how their works highlight the hidden histories and untold stories of Black people and their relationship and contribution to British history and culture. 

Timings to be announced

The event is produced by Jacaranda Books - a leading independent publisher - in collaboration with bespoke live events producer FANE and boutique marcomms and talent management agency TGRG.

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