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A Night In with Jade LB

A Night In with Jade LB

To mark the publication of Keisha The Sket

This event is now available to watch on demand until 26th October 2021.

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Where were you when Keisha the Sket first broke the internet?

In 2005, Jade LB began releasing chapters of her seminal work, Keisha The [Da] Sket which she had begun in the same year, aged thirteen. Beginning on the platform formerly known as Piczo, and shared among young people, this timeless story went on to become a viral modern classic of Black British culture, pioneering both online serialisation and viral content.

Now, join Jade to celebrate her dynamic coming-of-age story and online sensation being published as a book for the first time.

In conversation, Jade will share the inspiration behind her story, which chronicles the charismatic Keisha as she navigates love, ambition and the challenges and dreams of her inner-city community. Exploring topics including black women and relationships, black British culture and the black British working-class experience, Jade will also consider the impact her writing has had on young Black readers and what it was like when her story went viral.

Revealing the story behind an iconic touchstone of Black British culture, you do not want to miss this.

‘Keisha the Sket accidentally decolonised literature’ Black Ballad

‘Our literary foremother’ Candice Carty-Williams

‘Reading Keisha the Sket as an adult makes me swoon at the richness of its nostalgia’ Caleb Femi

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