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A Night In with Dave Goulson

A Night In with Dave Goulson

To celebrate the release of Gardening For Bumblebees: A Practical Guide to Creating a Paradise for Pollinators 

This event is now available on demand until 14th April 2021.

The 'Stream Only' Package consists of a ticket to the Stream only. The Stream and Book package includes a ticket to the stream and a copy of Gardening For Bumblebees: A Practical Guide to Creating a Paradise for Pollinators (RRP £16.99).

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There are twenty-six different species of bumblebees to be found in the UK, of around 250 species worldwide. But with a decline in the populations of our wild bees, these beloved creatures need looking after more than ever.

From the Sunday Times bestselling author of A Sting In The Tale, Professor Dave Goulson, comes a practical guide to creating a paradise for pollinators. Goulson has established a reputation as one of the best modern popularisers of natural history and now he is celebrating the publication of Gardening for Bumblebees: a practical, fully photographed manual to gardening with the aim of improving pollination.

Dave will consider why bumblebees are among the most important of our insects, ensuring that wildflowers set seed and reappear each year, and that our vegetable and fruit crops give us bountiful harvests. He’ll share how you can provide a refuge for bumblebees to feed, breed and thrive, no matter how large or small your space is. You’ll learn the best trees, shrubs and flowers for pollinators, how to create the perfect nest and breeding site, and the best ways to control pests.

Approachable and achievable, this event will encourage and inspire gardeners and allotmenters alike to make their patch more bee friendly.

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