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An Evening with Alex Scott

An Evening with Alex Scott

Join an award-winning broadcaster and former professional footballer Alex Scott as she opens up for the first time about her remarkable journey from the East End to international football stardom. 

The former Arsenal captain helped the team to achieve a historic quadruple including the Women's FA Cup and represented England in 140 appearances, retiring as the second most-capped England player across the men's and women's game. Thanks to a 'push-through mentality' the world has only ever seen the 'strong' side of Alex. Now, she’s ready to lower the shield.  

In conversation for this unique live event, Alex will share the story of her remarkable career and explore the ever-present theme of resilience in her life. To celebrate the publication of her memoir How (Not) To Be Strong, Alex will share the lessons that have shaped her, from finally confronting the legacy of a tumultuous childhood to tarnished truth behind the gleaming football trophies. With raw honesty, Alex will consider how she's tackled life's challenges and that sometimes the strongest thing you can do is show your most vulnerable side to the world. 

With extraordinary candour and heart, don’t miss the opportunity to spend an evening with the legendary footballer as she reveals a vulnerable side to the driven athlete that the public seldom sees. 

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