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James Albrecht

James Albrecht


What do you bring to the team?     

For 16 years, I was an actor, a director, and from 2012 an Artistic Director before joining Alex on his journey in 2016. I have flirted with and been seduced by the arts all my working life. Older, if not wiser than my colleagues, I have some experience of what it feels like to be on stage, to lead a creative team, to be running the venue, to be taking the financial risk, to indulge a creative vision, or help others fulfil theirs.  

Sum up what you do in one sentence  

My evolving role at Fane entails overseeing the programme at Crazy Coqs (the cabaret space within Brasserie Z├ędel), producing many one-off events and tours and, as a director, working to identify and pursue new opportunities.  

Describe your favourite Fane moment?  

I struggle with favourites. So many memorable evenings in Crazy Coqs, a particular favourite being the joy of two wildly contrasting sold out audiences on one night, for Debbie Wiesman conducting the Lorcian Ensemble playing her music to Wolf Hall at 7pm, followed by Gingzilla, a 6 foot 5 red-headed bearded drag artist. The standing ovation at the Royal Festival Hall for what turned out to be Michel Legrand’s last international concert is a fond memory, his unmistakable genius surpassing his evident frailty. The chemistry between Patti LuPone, Edward Seckerson and the packed Theatre Royal Haymarket audience had the energy of an FA Cup final, and Gyles Brandreth with Barry Cryer at the Richmond Theatre, a very late replacement for an unwell Nicholas Parsons, had the natural flow of two comedians sharing their best jokes in the pub.  

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