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Clemmie Haynes

Clemmie Haynes

Head of Programming - Crazy Coqs

What do you bring to the team?  

Strict recycling rules and French-without-being-French flair. In other terms, I’m a sustainability freak and I grew up in France where I studied a Performing Arts master’s degree.  

Sum up what you do in one sentence 

I manage the programming of Crazy Coqs, an art deco cabaret space in the heart of the West End which features 700 shows a year.  

Your favourite book?  

You could spot my favourite books in my library by the crinkled dried-out edges from reading in the shower; the various stains on the pages that, whilst being slightly gross, remind me of the many places I’ve enjoyed a read; and the random things used as bookmarks slotted in the pages that my mother and sister left when they read the book before me. Amongst many, I have a special place in my heart for Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven and Famous Five, Agatha Christie’s detective novels, Margaret George’s historical novels, and Spot the Dog children’s books whose TV theme tune became my family anthem. 

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